Quality, Safe & Efficient



Ezko is a market leader in implementing environmental solutions as part of its operations. From the use of fuel efficient vehicles, to chemical free cleaning, to carbon neutral electricity use, to low impact equipment, and ‘paperless’ operations, Ezko considers best practice environmental options in all aspects of the business including:

  • Investment in low impact equipment and technology
  • Reduction in water use
  • Minimisation of chemicals – replaced with enzyme and other green cleaning solutions
  • Elimination of all toxic chemicals
  • Staff, client and tenant training, including waste management and recycling education
  • 100% green energy for Ezko head office and partnership with clients on energy efficiency initiatives at all sites
  • Sourcing sustainable services, products, and consumables (including the use of microfiber mops and cloths)

Ezko provides its clients with flexible reporting options to assist in managing environmental initiatives and delivering on key targets. These include:

  • Rubbish and recycling volumes
  • Consumables usage
  • Waste management audits
  • NABERS rating audits
  • Support of property lighting programs